Workshop Project / Invention Design

Semester, Year

2nd, winter/summer 2022/23
4th, winter/summer 2023/24

Workshop Project: "immer. überall."

In the university workshop "Contra Status Quo", Mika and I designed a poster that criticizes the media cosnumtion, especially with regard to the omnipresence of the smartphone.

Afraid of waking up alone?
Fear of missing out?
Is your counterpart not enough for you?

By asking provocative questions, we want to draw attention to the topic and appeal to others to question their own behavior and thus raise awareness of "media mania".

Approach Invetion Design Project

Addressing this paradox requires a balanced approach that takes advantage of technology while strengthening the importance of real social connections and community.

Project Process

A few sketches and approaches to the concept.

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